Performance Based ANS

Performance Based ANS

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Continuous Training

Training is a vital part of the human resources development of “ARMATS” CJSC. 

The Human Resources Management Department plans and implements approved training programs aimed at ensuring the proper level of skills, knowledge and competency of the Company's staff.

The Company's human resources are the most valuable and are the basis for providing safe air navigation services with the best performance.

In order to ensure the efficiency of human resources management, the department regularly conducts activities to ensure the compliance of skills, knowledge and competency with the established international requirements.

The Human Resources Management Department discusses training requirements with other structural units of the Company, develops training programs and coordinates their implementation. The department plans and evaluates the availability of the necessary resources to meet the operational objectives. Special ab initio trainings for recruits and continuous training for different employees are not only held in the Company, but also in different foreign countries.

Taking into account that training is an investment in the human capital, the principle of the Human Resources Management Department is to ensure the continuity of the Company's business processes with qualified professionals.