Performance Based ANS

Performance Based ANS

Development & Solutions Contingency Plan

The Contingency plan of "ARMATS” CJSC is aimed to coordinate the whole working process  of organization during the emergency situations, ensuring the acceptable level of safety as much as possible and providing optimal ATM services using the necessary relevant resources.

The Contingency plan of "ARMATS” CJSC has been developed on the requirements of EUROCONTROL guidelines and local specifications.

The contingency plan provides a triple level of backups for the provision of lifecycle services, the Backup Center is located close to the main building and is equipped with the similar and necessary quantity equipment to provide technical support.

The efficiency of the Company's Contingency plan has been validated both through simulation and in real conditions. When applying to the Contingency plan in real conditions coordinated restrictions on airspace capacity can be stated.

Based on the new conditions emerged from "Covid-19" pandemia and aimed to provide uninterrupted ANS, the Contingency Plan of ARMATS has been reviewed and completed in compliance to the new requirements of pandemic challanges.