Performance Based ANS

Performance Based ANS

Integrated Management Systems Integrated Management Systems Safety Management System (SMS)


The ARMATS SMS has been fully implemented in 2006 in close cooperation with EUROCONTROL. 

The main ARMATS’s SMS objective is to keep the company's risks of accident/incidents as low as practicably possible, using all reasonable means, while providing expeditious service. Achieving and maintaining a high safety level for Air Navigation Services has higher priority over company’s economic, operational, environmental, and social aspects.

To this end, ARMATS operates a proactively oriented safety management system that identifies and mitigates safety risks at an early stage in accordance with international requirements and best practice. In case of any change in the Air Navigation Services system, all potential hazards are systematically examined and the associated risks are assessed and reduced to an acceptable level by appropriate measures.

The other ARMATS policy principle is to ensure compliance with International organization’s regulatory requirements, as a minimum set of conditions for cost-efficient, competitive and safe provisions of Air Navigation Services to all our airspace users.

The ARMATS SMS is well mature, periodical measurements carried out true established leading/lagging SKP Indicators and all data is recorded. 

Some of ARMATS SMS Safety Assurance, Safety Promotions and Safety Risk Management elements are reflected also in the company’s Safety Strategic Plan as a common internal agreement dedicated to the united approach for safe provisions of Air Navigation Services and comprises of:

  • Safety Policy,
  • Safety vision,
  • Safety Strategic Objective,
  • Leading and Lagging Safety KPIs,
  • Risk Identification,
  • Safety statistics,
  • Top 4 risks,
  • Fatigue Risk Management Policy,
  • Just Culture Policy

The structure of the Safety Management System is presented in attached file (Safety Structure).