Performance Based ANS

Performance Based ANS

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''Yerevan'' Air Traffic Control Centre (ATC) provides control service for aircraft as well as for general aviation aircraft performing departures, arrivals and overflights within the airspace of Armenia. ATC Supervisor’s, ACC, APP, Flight Information and Air Traffic Flow Management working positions are located in ''Yerevan'' Air Traffic Control Centre. Meanwhile, the ATC Centre implements:

  • Air traffic flow management through Eurocontrol NMOC FMP station located in the Centre,
  • Civil-military coordination at tactical level (Airspace Management Cell-AMC) to ensure the flexible use of airspace.

The control working positions are equipped with all the necessary radio technical equipment in compliance with the current ATC requirements. The following systems are in operation in the ATC Centre:

  • ''Galaxy'' ATM automated system (''Azimuth'', Russian Federation),
  • ''Master'' automated control back-up system (''Peleng'', Russian Federation) for  APP and ACC working positions,
  • Digital MULTIFONO® M800IP Voice communication system ("SITTI", Italy),
  • Voice communication satellite systems PhoneSAT  and VSAT (Germany),
  • Central processor unit (CPU) of P3D multilateration systems (“ERA”, Czech).
  • Voice data recording digital system “Smart-T” (“Peleng”, Russia).
  • ATIS with speech synthesis (YETRI CJSC, Armenia)

The  ''Galaxy'' ATM System has the following main advantages:

  • No Limitation in Geographical Dimensions of the Processed Area:
  • All Calculations are carried out in 3D Space + Time,
  • Support of WGS-84 Model of the Earth.

Integrated Processing of 

  • Surveillance Data,
  • Flight Plan Data,
  • Meteorological Data,
  • Aeronautical Data (static & dynamic),
  • ATS messages (AFTN/AMHS)
  • Integration with EAD and CFMU.

Safety Nets (SNET) functionality fully complies with Eurocontrol Specifications

  • STCA
  • APW
  • MSAW
  • APM

''Yerevan'' ATC Centre  receives  surveillance data from three independent sources: P3D multilateration systems («ERA», Czech Republic), En-route radar “TR-11AA” (PSR/SSR) and Mode S MSSR “AURORA 2”, as a result of which, stable radar coverage is provided throughout the Armenian airspace This ensures stable radar coverage within the whole Armenian airspace.

ATC Centre is furnished with 24-hour operational conditions, as well as all back-up means necessary for the provision of uninterrupted operation. 

The air-ground VHF communication is provided by the digitized radio stations of “Park Air Systems” (UK).